Playful experiences make great stories.
Using the power of play we craft experiences that stand out.
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These are the keys to a good interactive experience.


Playful experiences are fun to interact and to engage with. Immediate and direct feedback combined with joyful details can fill even the most routine activities with life.


Intuitive interfaces are well designed for their audience. Clear visual hierarchies and context-based animations help the user understand the effects of their actions and the reactions of the system.


Deep experiences remain interesting even after multiple repetitions. They offer multiple layers for the user to explore and invest into, emotionally, mentally and socially.

UX Consulting

Crafting a user experience with playful design principles creates an engaging product that puts the user front and center. Their desires and experiences are taken into account to make sure that the interface meets their needs perfectly. A well-designed experience will drastically increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and sales.

I will work together with you and your ideas to find the optimal solution for your product, whether it's a website, online shop, mobile app or physical product. Focusing on playful design I can offer you the following UX Consulting services:

Usability Review

I will analyze the current product and it's usability according to the user's demands and experience as well as your product goals. Result is a catalog of high and low points from the user's perspective along with possible solutions to improve the joy of use.


With a prototype individual aspects of a product can be represented. The medium is chosen based on the questions asked of the prototype and can be anything from visual mockups to functional, interactive prototypes, which can be tested with actual users.

Workflow Analysis

I will review the workflows in your product development according to the principles of user- and playcentric Design. Steps in that workflow that have a low value will be pinpointed and appropriate solutions for lasting change can be developed.

Playful Design Workshop

Teaching in-house interface designers the principles of playful design. This helps to further improve products from the team, by helping them focus on usability and playful concepts. I will develop the workshop concept in close concert with your wishes.

Game Consulting

Designing a game experience can be a monumental task. To be successful a game needs to keep the player entertained and emotionally engaged at all times. Key to this is to identify and satisfy the motivations for the target audience, challenging and rewarding them for their engagement. With a deep understanding of psychological behavior both gameplay and monetization can be designed to this end.

Working together with you on your game or gamification project I will bring my many years of experience to bear to help craft a meaningful experience. To reach this goal I can offer you the following Game Consulting services:

Design Review

I will analyze your game or product along the principles of game design. Whether you have a finished product or a game design document, this review will create a catalog of high and low points in the experience along with proposed solutions.


Only through actual play can a game concept really be evaluated. To that end I will create interactive prototypes, which can be tested quickly and cheaply. The results of these tests can then feed back into development and help improve the project.

Content Creation

When building a game, you very often require a large amount of diverse content. Working closely with your team I can help you with tasks such as scripting, level design, writing, story and mission design.


Gamification is the use of game elements in a non-game context. This can improve motivation and retention. I will develop possible options in line with your goals: This can range from simple highscores to large social features that build community.

About Me

Hi there, nice to meet you.

My name is Martin Nerurkar and I've been working in the field of game and interaction design since 2008. My personal and professional life is shaped by my passions.

Meaningful interactive experiences.
After my degree in architecure I used my many personal projects as a launchpad for a career in the games industry. The meaning games can create is deeply fascinating, and something I pursue every day

Connecting People.
I enjoy building communities and helping people form valuable connections with one another. I'm involved in a number of community initiatives in the games industry, regularly organizing events. The value of good and clear communication is evident in this.

Sharing Knowledge.
Learning something new is an unrivaled joy. My desire to personally learn has grown into a passion for educating others. An important part of this is to properly structure knowledge to suit the audience. Making complex facts easy to grasp, step by step.

All these passions come together in my daily design practice: Structuring the interface to match the audience, communicating clearly with them and the team on the road to a compelling experience.

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Here's how to reach out to me.


Martin Nerurkar,
Experience Designer

Gottesauer Str. 29
76131 Karlsruhe


+49 160 92502633